How an unsecured credit helped me in a hospital emergency

My name is Andrea and this is my story of how a loan helped me in a hospital emergency. I hope my testimony can help you make the decision to qualify for Good Finance credits, because they were the ones who managed to benefit me by not having extra money to cover my son’s emergency.

Like any person, one believes that you will never need extra capital, I imagined that it would be of the people that something serious would not happen where it greatly affects my financial health or that I would not request financing for an emergency. I believed all that, among many other things, I used to think I was an indestructible woman. Until I had to take my first step.

I am a middle-aged woman, graduated from university, hardworking and with a child. Currently he is already studying in the last years of school, the problem arose that we do not imagine that throughout the years of his growth, he developed a mass in the brain. How did I notice He had a relapse when he arrived from work, was disoriented, acted as if he were a 10-year-old boy. Not knowing what to do, take him quickly to a private hospital.

What would they have advised me?

What would they have advised me?

Go to a public or private hospital? I was honestly worried about my son and wanted the best assistance for him. When we arrived, the doctors very kindly treated us. A few hours passed and he had all kinds of exams to know what was the cause of his behavior. Having the results, my biggest fear was hearing that he had the mass that was increasing. The solution? Immediate operation, since it could turn into cancer.

You will be wondering what my decision was, there is no doubt that a mother always wants welfare for her children, so I agreed to the operation. At that time I could not analyze how I was going to pay the bill. We didn’t have health insurance but I said “I’ll manage later”.

After hours, the operation was a success


Until the moment of truth arrived, they gave me the hospital payment account. I had never imagined that receiving support from a private hospital had such high expenses. Honestly, I got scared and felt panicked because I didn’t have that much money. He asked me where will I get the money? How will I get it in such a short time? Why don’t i have insurance? So many questions and I didn’t have the answer to any, so I started to contact several financial institutions to know the requirements and the time it took to provide it was too much.  

Where would I get surety? At what time was I going to gather the stationery to go to an agency? When would I know it was approved? I felt overwhelmed, but talking to a hospital person made a recommendation that I will never forget. He told me that he will communicate to Good Finance Credits, so I quickly contacted them. For my surprise! I never thought it would be the easiest way to apply to my pre-qualification and by phone. I felt so surprised that I was quickly given the resolution. It was aproved!

I felt so happy that I just wanted to know the time when they gave me the credit so I could gather the stationery. More surprises! They told me that as it was for urgent reasons, they would give it to me in less than 48 hours, without a surety and they would send the paperwork they needed with a person in charge to the hospital. I could not believe it! I had spent a whole day trying to analyze how to pay my expenses and in 5 minutes my credit had already been approved.

Just as they told me

Just as they told me

I received the money in less than 48 hours, no other financial institution had given me the support like the one I had with Good Finance . I managed to pay my son’s expenses at the hospital and they gave me the loan payments at a convenient time, because it doesn’t affect my monthly budget.

A financial institution that supports you when you need it most, especially if you understand the situation in which you are going through is a company that cares about the welfare of its customers. This is my story and I hope you can identify with me by telling you how a loan helped me in a hospital emergency.

With Good Finance Credits you get the amount you need in comfortable installments to take care of your financial health.

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