Car mortgage loan for quick and smooth money

Do you need money urgently and don’t know where to get it from? Solutions are sometimes easier than expected. In such cases, a car loan can help. How it works? Very simple – and also reliable and discreet. In contrast to banks, we do not work with long terms and ZEK / Schufa information. We are there when the going gets tough and help our customers to overcome difficult financial times.

Pawnshops are well known and can look back on a long tradition. But car mortgages are less anchored in people’s minds as a loan option. We want to change this. Because if you have several vehicles or can use public transport or a bicycle for a certain period of time, car mortgage loans are the right means for quick and uncomplicated money.


Advantages of a car loan

car loan

The credit industry is not known for its simplicity. For private investors as well as for small and medium-sized companies, the process can be very nerve-wracking until the money is repaid in full and usually takes a lot of time. Before applying, you first need to clarify basic points: Who can apply for loans from which banks? How far can investments be started in advance of lending? How is the economy and thus the interest rate at the moment of borrowing? Which bank offers the best conditions for my personal concern? And what are the risks involved?

Once these questions have been clarified, the loan must be applied for, the creditworthiness and creditworthiness checked and the lending documents and the evaluation of the loan documents offered must be checked. Once everything has been clarified and a proposal has been accepted, the loan agreement is finally concluded and the loan collateral is provided. Finally, the money is transferred from the bank to the account offered.

One wonders how one can quickly get money with such a procedure. Cope. Because not everyone has the time and opportunity to wallow through all the details, trusts the bankers and ultimately has to wait a comparatively long time for the money. If the term has to be extended, this is often related to higher interest rates and a lot of time has to be invested again to get the right loan. And even in the event that the borrowed money is available more quickly than expected, the entire loan term must be used in many cases.


The process of the car loan

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In contrast, a car loan is a no-brainer. How exactly the process works was already described in more detail in the next article. After you have registered with your car pawn shop in Switzerland and provided the data for the car, we will calculate the value and the corresponding amount of the loan. Then bring your vehicle to us and we will examine the car. Your identity will also be checked. This is a verification process to prevent abuse and to continue to offer security to our customers in the future.

The loan term is agreed in the next step. Usually this is set at three months, but can be adapted to your personal or business opportunities. Once the contract has been drawn up and signed by both sides, the key is handed over to us. In return, you receive your loan – either in cash or transferred to an account. The vehicle will be safely parked with us, so that you will get it back in the usual condition at the end of the loan term.

And when it comes to returning everything, everything runs at short notice as usual. Because unlike banks, the loan term ends as soon as you have the money at your disposal. You contact us, we will inform you of the amount and you can pick up your beloved vehicle again and drive it home.


Fast does not mean non-binding

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In Switzerland in particular, banks enjoy great recognition and credibility. You don’t trust fast money so quickly. Wrongly. Because pawnshops in many cases offer the appropriate opportunity to temporarily convert a valuable object into cash with the chance to get the loaned object back. In this way, shortages of money can be bridged at short notice – and without lead times.

Another advantage is the flexible termination of the car loan. If more time is required to repay the loan, you can notify us and the loan term will be extended. But flexibility is also guaranteed in the opposite case. Because unlike bank loans, you can redeem your vehicle with us before the end of the period, with the advantage that you save on interest.


Steps to your car loan

car loan

Often the idea of ​​quick money is simply missing. We offer a way to get there – flexible, direct and discreet. Visit us on the website or on site for more information. Due to the good location, we are your contact for car loan in German-speaking Switzerland.

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